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actor Nathan Head - photo by Matt GulliverWelcome to the official website of British actor Nathan Head, best known for his leading roles in the horror movies Exorcist Chronicles, Theatre Of Fear and Virus Of The Dead. Exorcist Chronicles first gained recognition in North America following its release via Time Warner Cable in 2013, which led to Nathan appearing on the BBC to talk about his career in the horror genre, and upon its UK release in 2014 Theatre Of Fear entered the Asda DVD charts at number 19, maintaining a position in the top 40 for two weeks. Nathan Head later contributed to Killian H Gore's 2015 horror statistics book "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?" alongside such names as Joe Dante, Michael Berryman and Fred Dekker. Other productions that Nathan Head has worked on include Andrew Jones's creature-feature Jurassic Predator, documentary Robot Wars: Battling On, The Lost Generation, Book Of The Dead, horror anthology Blaze Of Gory, Amityville spinoff Ouijageist, Troma's Grindsploitation, 88 Films's Hellriser and the Sony Pictures killer doll film The Toymaker. The Toymaker was the third film in the popular Robert The Doll franchise and was showcased on Sky Cinema in the UK in the Sky Store as well as being featured on Lisa Cannon's TV3e entertainment show Box Office on Irish TV in 2017.  In 2018 Hellriser was nominated for 'Best Thriller' at the National Film Awards and Jurassic Predator reached number 2 at the HMV DVD Premiere charts. Nathan Head continues to work steadily in film and television, throughout 2019 and 2020 he has been busy developing the second season of a Paranormal documentary show for Amazon Prime and recently he shot scenes as a principal character for a popular ITV daytime true-crime series which aired in November 2020.

Actor Nathan Head on the set of Theatre Of Fear aka The Midnight Horror Show with makeup artist Jodie Gibson Actor Nathan Head - copyright Colin Boulter of Neilson Reeves Photography

Nathan Head originally trained in Manchester, where he took acting classes at the Northern Actors Centre, whos patrons included Sarah Lancashire, Shobna Gulati and Brigit Forsyth, he later attended regular acting workshops at various studios while working in local independent productions and fringe theatre to help build up his credits and establish himself as a performer on the entertainment scene. After working on the cult BBC science-fiction show Doctor Who, Nathan starred in the five-star comedy play Battered Egos at the Salford Arts Theatre and the recognition from this 2008 performance led to Nathan being cast as the antagonist Raymond Korkinsky in the award-winning comedy film Mark Macready And The Archangel Murders. The Archangel Murders was labelled "British independent film at it's best" and became an overnight success, it got a limited UK cinema release supporting Someone's Knocking At The Door over the 2009 hallowe'en weekend as well as having scenes broadcast on regional television and later being shown at the prestigious 63rd Festival De Cannes in 2010, Nathan also voiced a character in the animated spinoff Mark Macready: Underworld Tales. The positive publicity surrounding The Archangel Murders launched Nathan's career as a genre-actor and the following year he started to work on projects with Europe's biggest scare entertainment production company, AtmosFEAR! Entertainment Group, he could be seen playing Gauntley the Butler in their video for the FEARooms immersive experience and under heavy prosthetic makeup he modelled as the mummy Khamundi in publicity photos for the scare attraction Terror Tomb: Curse Of Khamundi at Scare Kingdom theme park in Lancashire.

Actor Nathan Head onstage at The Salford Arts Theatre