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Chester Film Co-op's 'Ghosts Of The Odeon' video for Re:New Chester

Made by The Chester Film Co-op in partnership with Re:New developments to present the history of films that would have been shown at the old Odeon building, Nathan Head played a variety of hollywood characters from Marty McFly and Spock to Han Solo and Indiana Jones.
British actor Nathan Head - Indiana Jones homage scene British actor Nathan Head - Marty McFly British actor Nathan Head - Nay Solo - Star Wars Nathan Head - Indiana Jones - Harrison Ford

Chester Film Co-op's 'Chester Dreaming' video for Re:New Chester

In 2015 Nathan Head made a promotional short film with his colleagues at Film Chester, the film was made to demonstrate the lack of an arts venue in the City, with various creatives having to utilise the streets and locations around town for their performances. Nathan acted in an old War movie called No Man's Land that was projected in the rows due to there not being any arts cinema in Chester, yet.
"Nathan Head" actor "Nathan Head" actor "Nathan Head" actor
"Nathan Head" actor

Showcase video for AtmosFEAR's FEARooms attraction

In 2011 a promotional showcase video was shot as a pitch for a potential scare attarction with AtmosFEAR, Nathan Head played the Butler who introduces the scenario to the victims before checking into the haunted Hotel.
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Promotional material for AtmosFEAR's Scream School

In 2011 Nathan Head took part in a promotional shoot for the new Scare Kingdom attraction called Terror Tomb: Curse Of Khamundi, some images from this photoshoot were later used to advertise AtmosFEAR's Scream School, a training facility for scare actors to home their skills.
Nathan Head - The Mummy Nathan Head - The Mummy Khamundi - AtmosFEAR Nathan Head - The Mummy Khamundi - AtmosFEAR

Corporate video for the UK Trade Investment

In 2007 Nathan Head worked on a corporate video with Studio 163 for the UK Trade Investment scheme with the British Chamber of Commerce, due to extensive reshoots there were about three versions of the video shot, but only the third edit was released.

Mars Drinks advertising campaign

Many years ago, a quote of endorsement from Nathan Head was used on "Family Refuel" size cartons of Mars Drink.

Great Northern Hotel music video for the song Cutz & Collides

Before filming the zombie Nazisploitation movie Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich, most of the cast appeared as their characters in the music video from Great Northern Hotel.
Nathan Head - Melissa Hollett - on set of horror music video Nathan Head - Melissa Hollett - on set of horror music video