Actor "Nathan Head" in extreme anthology film "Blaze Of Gory"

Blaze Of Gory is a horror anthology movie made up of a collection of short stories adapted for the screen and brought to you through the eyes of independent horror directors, Nathan Head stars as Andy Deen in "The Beer Cellar" story segment which was shot in Pontyclun, South Wales, in October 2013 and released on DVD on Hallowe'en 2017 with From The Shadows.
Blaze of Gory early DVD flier
Blaze of Gory social media advert
Limited edition VHS case
Blaze of Gory festival flier cover Blaze of Gory festival flier backside Official making-of book for "Blaze Of Gory" Amazon Exclusive 2018 DVD art
Nathan Head and David Vg Davies at the Mega Liverpool Horror Con 2017 "Nathan Head" featured in pages of the official "Making of Blaze of Gory" book