Incomplete or unreleased productions starring "Nathan Head"

Gangster film "Welcome To No Man's Land"

Three friends are approached by a low-key gangster who offers them what seems like quick cash-in-hand work, only things don't go to plan. Nathan Head played Dominic, one of the gangster's henchmen, in this gangster crime-film directed by Paul McDonahue of Social Fantasy Productions which was shot in Manchester in 2011. Core filming was completed in 2012 with post-production starting the following September with pickups and additional scenes shot in the Summer of 2015, however the film is yet to secure a distribution deal and hasn't been screened to the public.
Nathan Head | Gangster Feature Film

Violent slasher film "Blood rush"

Nathan Head | Blood RushWith a decadent desire to take fright fans on a ballistic blood soaked journey into hell, Pentagram Pictures is set to create and unleash the most twisted tales of terror onto the world-wide theatrical, television and home entertainment markets! Blood Rush started filming initial scenes in the summer of 2013 in Hindley Green in Wigan with principal photography due to commence once Pentagram Pictures has completed other projects they are already involved in developing.

Erotic sci-fi film "Alien In My Head"

Nathan HeadIn 2013, while attending a photoshoot, Nathan Head was asked to collaborate as a supporting character in an erotic science fiction feature film that was being shot with some other actors who were at the same photoshoot. Sadly Alien In My Head never got completed and nothing was shot beyond a few publicity pictures of Nathan embracing one of the leads while sat at a barstool and some black and white footage of the two lead actresses making out in a nightclub, while people danced around them obvliviously. Alien In My Head tells the story of an ordinary woman entering the strange realm of quantum connection and sexual exploration after she finds an alien being communicating to her from across the void of space.

Dark comedic thriller "The Psychiatrist"

This movie follows a psychiatrist and his attempts to coerce his patients into killing themselves. Nathan Head plays William Rosenburg, the son of the titular psychiatrist played by David Hoyle, in this thriller from Eromeda Entertainment which was shot throughout 2012 in Greater Manchester and Tameside. A very rough cut of The Psychiatrist was completed in 2013 but was not released at the time, in late 2018 it was announced by the Producer than the project had been resurected and should be released in the near future.
Nathan Head  David Hoyle Nathan Head  David Hoyle actors "Nathan Head" and "David Hoyle" horror actor "Nathan Head" film screenshot
Nathan Head  David Hoyle Nathan Head  David Hoyle Nathan Head  David Hoyle "Nathan Head" & "David Hoyle"
Nathan Head  David Hoyle Nathan Head  David Hoyle Nathan Head  David Hoyle "Nathan Head" film with "David Hoyle" - "Divine David"

Grim horror short film "Banquet"

Nathan Head plays "Creepy", a guest at a very special dinner party in Banquet, a short film that was originally shot with Blistered Pictures in Glasgow as part of Andy Stewart's "Body-Horror" trilogy in 2013, the film however was not completed.

Anthology "Self Induced Nightmares: Part 2"

Nathan Head stars in the short film segment called One Woman Show which was originally directed by Student filmmaker Oben Aras in 2007, it was first screened in Manchester for the 2007 Exposures Film Festival way back in the day when Exposures was held at The Cornerhouse Cinema on Oxford Road and in the following year the short film went on to be part of the I-Con 27 Film Festival in New York on 4th April. In 2009 One Woman Show was screened at the old Greenroom bar & performance space in Manchester for KinoFilm Shorts on 8th July where it recieved fantastic reviews from local press, with one reporter comparing the film's visual style and ambience to that of Michael Mann's 1986 Manhunter. One Woman Show was to be featured in Dan Brownlie's anthology sequel, Self Induced Nightmares Part 2: Girls' Night In, but no other segments were completed and only the bookend scenes starring Samantha Bolter, Kamillia Kataxenna Kova and Jessica Ann Brownlie were shot in 2014, S.I.N.2 was abandoned as a project and all material shelved indefinitely.

Horror film "Discarnate"

Supernatural horror about the legend of the 'soul eater'. When a young magazine journalist is assigned to write a column on childhood fears and things that go bump in the night, he gets caught up in the legacy of a real demon and forced to face it's dark forces face to face. Nathan Head features as the clairvoyant in this paranormal feature from director Rusty Apper which was in production between 2013 and 2017.
Early poster Nathan Head | Discarnate Early poster  

Comedy drama film "Hotdesking"

Office-based comedy film shot in Chester throughout 2013, Nathan played Duncan, the owner of a rival company, looking to invest in a nonexistent artificial digital helpdesk program. Hotdesking required reshoots and pickups which were beyond the logistics of the production budget, so the film was abandoned after the main block of filming.

Film-noir style thriller movie "Fragments"

Girls who walked home from their job in a local strip club have been found brutally killed. Nathan Head played Ivan, the owner of the strip club, in this multiple-murder mystery by Ross Nickson of Dubious Films. Most scenes were shot in 2007 in Manchester and Buxton, and the film was due for release in 2008, but it was held off for further scenes to be completed between 2010 and 2011 and filming is now complete but the footage currently remains in post-production with no release details disclosed as of 2018. Fragments was the first feature film that Nathan Head worked on.

Anthology "Apparition Of Evil 2: The Fear Project"

After their friend becomes the latest victim in a chain of throat slashing murders, two young men go to the scene of the crime to investigate. While there, they discover a room lined wall-to-wall with old television sets and a plethora of terrifying videos, each containing a piece of the puzzle. What they ultimately discover will change their lives forever. Nathan Head reprises the role of Karl Hendry from Apparition Of Evil in this Canadian anthology from Alex Deck of DeadFi Productions, which was shot in 2014 and 2015 but never released.
"The Fear Project" film actor "Nathan Head" in "The Fear Project" film - VHS horror "The Fear Project" film "The Fear Project" film
actor "Nathan Head" in "The Fear Project" film "The Fear Project" film "The Fear Project" film actor "Nathan Head" in "The Fear Project" film
"The Fear Project" film "The Fear Project" film "The Fear Project" film  

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Action feature film "Beat 'Em Up"

Martial arts action feature from Leviathan Entertainment starring Joe Estevez, Antonio Fargas, Peter Hallett & Danny John-Jules. Completed and awaiting release, preview screeners have been sent out to distributers and reviewers. The film was titled Tough Justice during initial shooting with Utopian Pictures in 2007 but then during extensive reshoots with Leviathan Entertainment it was changed in 2009 to Lethal Contact and upon completion in 2010 it was later renamed to The Deadly Game. For pre-release the title was altered to Beat 'Em Up in 2012 and Nathan Head provided additional voices and ADR. Even though review screeners were sent out in 2012, the film is yet to be released to the public.
Nathan Head | Martial Arts Feature Film Nathan Head | Martial Arts Feature Film Nathan Head | Martial Arts Feature Film
Nathan Head | Martial Arts Feature Film Nathan Head | Martial Arts Feature Film