Nathan Head's early TV roles

In 2006 Nathan Head played a paparazzi in two episodes of the short-lived Channel 4 drama Goldplated.

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2009 DVD boxsetIn 2009 Nathan Head worked on series six of the hit comedy series Shameless, playing Prince Charles in a comedy sketch that was deleted from the final broadcast, it is now only viewable on the DVD boxset special features.
actor "Nathan Head" sex scene with "Stephanie Carey" in "Shameless"

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2009 DVD boxset
Complete Shameless
seasons 1 - 6 DVD set.
series 1 - 7
DVD boxset.
series 6 boxset. 
In 2006 Nathan Head was part of a comedy sketch with actor Steven Seagal for The Friday Night Project on Channel 4 (later renamed The Sunday Night Project).
In the 2007 Doctors episode From Scratch on BBC1, Nathan Head played drugdealer Clarky in a storyline following a young runaway who was self-harming.
2008 DVD artNathan Head played Sarah's boyfriend in series 2 of the critically-acclaimed TV drama The Street, working with a pre-Doctor Who Matt Smith in one of his first TV roles.

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Seasons 1 - 2
The Street DVD set.
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The Street
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Australian DVD
The Street
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