Nathan Head

Nathan Head has acted in a number of productions over the past two decades, ranging from horror and science-fiction to dramas and comedies. Click the pictures to view detailed galleries for each production that Nathan has worked on, featuring a large collection of promotional images, stills, behind-the-scenes photos and rare poster art.

"The Toymaker" "Theatre Of Fear" aka "Midnight Horror Show" "Dracula: Rise Of The Vampire"
"Jurassic Predator" "Ouijageist" "Hellriser"
"The Lost Generation" "Virus Of The Dead" "Exorcist Chronicles" aka "Vatican Chronicles"
"The Damned United" "Ip Man 4" "Bill And Ted Face The Music"
"Artifacts Of Fear" Troma Presents "Grindsploitation Trilogy" "Blaze Of Gory"

Other Films

"Tuck Bushman And The Legend Of Piddledown Dale" "Zombie King" "Dead Walkers: Rise Of The 4th Reich" aka "Nazi Zombies" "Legacy Of Thorn" "Mark Macready And The Archangel Murders" Troma Presents "Grindsploitation: The Movie"
"Apparition Of Evil" "The Rage II" "Gabriel Cushing" pilot "Terror Of The Killer Carnivorous Coat" "Book Of The Dead" aka "The Eschatrilogy" "Attack Of The Flatulating Dead" "Harvest Of The Dead: Halloween Night"
"Scarlett Cross: Agents Of D.E.A.T.H." "Goal III: Living The Dream" "Accidental Exorcist" "Die-Gest: Flesh Eater" "Be Good" "Sleep"

Television Shows

Sci-Fi pilot "The Sleeper Effect" "Doctor Who: Voyage Of The Damned" "Farting Zombies Of NIGHT Fall" "Portal" "Dream State" "Doctors"


  "H.H. Holmes: Original Evil" "Apparitions II" "Robot Wars - Battling ON" "Crimes That Shook Britain"  
  "Apparitions: Paranormal Tales From Beyond" "Judge Rinder's Crime Stories" "13 Times Evil" "10 Most Evil Serial Killers"  

Box Sets

"Ultimate Horror Box Set" containing "Theatre Of Fear" "Terror Theater Movie Collection" containing "Tuck Bushman" "Halloween Nightmares Vol 1" containing "Exorcist Chronicles" "Zombie Armaggedon The Ultimate Collection" containing "Dead Walkers" "Freakshow Cinema" containing "Tuck Bushman" "Exorcism Demonic Possessions" containing "Exorcist Chronicles"
set of first four Robert films plus Anna and Cassadaga "Die Grosse Horror Clowns Box" containing "Theatre Of Fear" Troma Presents "Grindsploitation Trilogy" set of first four Robert films plus Anna and Cassadaga "Zombie Triple Feature" containing "Zombie King" "Horror-Clowns Greifen An" containing "Theatre Of Fear"
"Zombies The Aftermath" containing "Dead Walkers"         Robert The Doll - Four Pack  Set

Currently In Production

"Blood Curse" "Blood Curse" "Body Horror"   "Cold Blood Cold Case"